Snapshots of our Easter Sunday

JJ and I did not really have specific plans for the Easter holiday this year. It wasn’t until the early afternoon that I thought I’d make a more elaborate dinner than anticipated. Apple pie was on the brain and if I was going to do it, it would be from scratch. None of that store bought nonsense going on over here. Although, it was not an easy task nor perfected by any means.
We woke up very early Sunday morning after a 10 hour nights rest and took our little Lucy for a long walk to Boudin Bakery. Enjoyed breakfast and coffee together and watched as hundreds of people crossed the finish line at a 1/2 marathon event that was taken place down at the Wharf. It got me brainstorming about goals and accomplishments JJ and I can do together during the next couple of years. I am planning to make a goal jar that we can do at our convenience regarding what we’d like to accomplish, together or separate. Something that has been in the back of my mind is running a 1/2 marathon. So, at anytime we want, if we pick something like that out of the jar… we then train and accomplish the goal. I am currently waiting for my friend Meghan to write a post on the blog she shares with her sisters, Running with Kings, to educate me on running marathons.
I spent the rest of the day decorating the dining room and cooking dinner for my husband and our friends Frank, Krystal and Tom. I made honey glazed ham, garlic and herb mashed potatoes, green beans with cashews, and homemade apple pie. The apple pie crust was as said before… no easy task. I had two small of a food processor to hold the ingredients of the butter and flour together… so I turned to a blender which made it a the completely wrong texture. I took the pieces of butter I could find and did two smaller batches in my food processor. It did not come out perfect but it looked pretty 🙂 Will definitely try it again but may have to switch to store bought dough! The recipe I used for the dough, found here, and the recipe for the pie found here!
The few things I wish I captured were us and our guests!! Bad move on my part! Next time 🙂