Why didn’t I think of that?

I have seen so many cool ideas on… wait for it…. wait for it….
Pinterest. (Shocking… I know!
and would like to share with the rest of you, the normal people out there who may not be as consumed with this website as I am. But they truly are great ideas and make you often think….
Why didn’t I think of that?
 Coffee-mate turns into snack containers
 Wine rack made into a towel rack for the bathroom
 Framing thermostat/light switch,etc. around the house
 Framing your television, love this one!
 Better way to organize your hair appliances
 Beads that help hold your makeup brushes
Pre-make your breakfast for the week! Recipe found here

 Wall shoe holder, out of your way and every pair always visible
 A long metal strip placed on the back of your cabinet to hold bobby pins
 Old tic tac container used to hold bobby pins
 October fun! A pumpkin to hold beverages as bucket
 pre-make smoothies for the week
 Put egg in egg beater to dip easily in dye for Easter
Place lemon slices around the vase for an easy summer bouquet

 Portion out ice cream and place in freezer before cake cutting, easy way to hand out ice cream scoops
 Pour water over, freeze, and it makes the best lemon ice cubes for hosting
 Old ketchup bottle turned into pancake batter container for making a perfect pancake
 Better looking book shelf (cute for kids room)
Portioned out mini deep dish pizzas, recipe here