Welcome to the Trunk Club

Does your boyfriend/husband like to shop?
Well if so, congratulations because you have found yourself a rare breed.
From my personal experience, most men would consider jumping off a bridge than to be caught dead walking around a department store.
A solution for him/you to never have to do this again? Join the Trunk Club.
With one click at the mouse, you will find yourself in a conversation with a specialist discussing what you are looking for and your personal style.
But… don’t think this isn’t going to cost ya.
In this little brown box you will find jeans, shoes, and an array of shirts (depending on your discussion of what exactly you are looking for) — but they each run $100-250 per item … your typical high end department store price. So if you are looking to spend some money on quality clothes, this is great, and does not cost you a dime until you decide what you are keeping and what are you are sending back. Problem is, you may need to hand this box over to your girlfriend so she can send it back in time, because after 10 days, you will be charged the full amount which is roughly $1,000 plus.
Men don’t let your laziness eat your wallet.

Ladies, do not feel left out. There is a similar idea just for us … I need pretty things.
Catchy. You had me at need.
Not sure I will ever try this as this is a death trap for things I need and don’t necessarily need but I really like the concept, especially for men!

Men, would you try this at home??