Pulled Pork and Board Games

This Sunday evening, I made pulled pork for the first time. I called my friend Lauren as I knew this was a favorite of hers to make and she helped give me a quick summary of how she cooks it. I was cooking for 5 for a fun Sunday dinner at our apartment. Tom and Krystal brought over some side dishes and we all had a great time playing cranium for the rest of the evening. Krystal and I also managed to have a sing off. Fun times with a great couple, AND my brother is here to join in on all the festivities!
Pork Shoulder
Brown Sugar
Cayenne pepper
bbq sauce
Dry rub the pork shoulder with salt, pepper, brown sugar and cayenne pepper. Put in a baking bag and cook in the oven for 5 hours on 350 degrees. Poke the pork shoulder to see if it is ready or needs more time. Hint: if it looks like it is soft and easy to come apart, it is ready. Pull the pork apart and add to the crock pot. Cook for another hour or two with your favorite BBQ sauce mixed in.(Hint: I used the entire BBQ sauce, determine how much is needed while stirring it in the crock pot). Serve with your favorite bun and side dishes. Krystal and Tom brought over macaroni and potato salad. 

The chalk wine labels that came too late for my girls night! Finally able to put into good use.