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Lamb Burgers – What Lola Likes

Lamb Burgers

I made a spin off version of the prosciutto wrapped lamb burgers for dinner this evening. 
To be perfectly honest, I was feeling rather lazy to go to the store to pick up the few extra ingredients to prepare the complete recipe. Also the fact that JJ and I just went full force this past weekend at the grocery store did not help my motivation either. 
I figure, I’d try them with the ingredients we had at home. 
We so happen to have everything but the cheese, fresh basil and prosciutto
Still very good, so I thought I’d share. 
Have I also mentioned that Giada is coming to San Francisco on a book tour in April? 
I am not one to anxiously await a “celebrity” signing… but you better believe I will be there with cook book in hand smiling like the groupie I am. 
Enjoy friends!