You got the Love

People give a lot of mixed reviews on this day, you either love it or you love to hate it.
I say, whether or not it may be a hallmark holiday, embrace the love! 
You will be surrounded by it whether you like it not. Send your mother or grandmother flowers if you do not have a significant other. 
 Everyone deserves some love.
 What are your plans for the evening? 
Will you go out to dinner or make something at home? 
Do you have a favorite love movie?
 Or perhaps a slasher movie? 😉
My husband and I will spend the evening at home, cooking our own dinner with a movie and our favorite champagne. I most likely will be unable to convince him to watch a romantic film, but if I had it my way, I’d choose one of the following:
Endless Love
The Notebook
Say Anything
I want to grow old with you.