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Trendsday, Hair-styled – What Lola Likes

Trendsday, Hair-styled

There is nothing more boring than the same haircut/hair-style… day after day.
Men like to see change. Whether they admit it or not.
I’ve had random moments of being spontaneous with my hair.. chopping it off, color changes, bangs, and etc. throughout the years…yet right now I am most content with my long locks.
I’m currently in the process of slowly changing my hair color to Auburn.
If you are not into changing the color or cut of your hair, try changing up your style from time to time.
There are amazing hair tutorials on youtube and of course…. Pinterest, in my opinion is the best way to find ideas!
Here are a few hairstyles I love, for you to try!

Website tutorials:

Keiko Lynn
Love Maegan

My personal favorite right now….

Side  bun

sock bun

40’s waves

Send me your favorite tutorial website! Us ladies have to stick together 🙂