Goals for 2012!

Many people set goals for themselves the beginning of the year, starting January 1st.
A resolution.
Whether it be to exercise more, eat healthy, or climb a mountain by the end of the year… 
… its your personal goal. 
I have many goals for the year. 
For the month of January , like last year, I have given up drinking alcohol. Based off of last year, I know I can do it. I just love to feeling of being completely clean, so healthy.
I want to learn how to bake.
I feel I am starting to master certain dinner recipes and I absolutely love to cook, but my baking could use some work.
This year I am having my teeth fixed with Invisalign. 
I had so much work done as a kid that I feel I owe it to myself to straighten them up again.
I am excited.
Picture is actual, left is before (now) and what they will look like after a years work.
I used to love getting involved in college with volunteer projects but have lost touch with that due to hours of work and the wedding. With a little more time on my hands I’d love to get more involved in the community and helping others. 
Last night I asked my husband, JJ to think about one day out of the week that we either do more date nights: going out to dinner, movies, making dinner together, take a class together, go for a long walk with Lucy or just spend an hour at home without television. We have so many shows that we become addicted to that consumes our lives. Its important to not take the time you have for granted.

What are your Resolutions/Goals for 2012??