Christmas in the Cuse’

This week JJ and I traveling to Syracuse for the Holiday’s. 
The first night I cooked Prosciutto Lamb Burgers and Parmesan seasoned fries for everyone! 
 Recipe here and here
My sister, Lexie helped make the fries!

They were a hit!

Thursday, my two roommates from college Katie and Siobhan came to visit me from Buffalo.

We went to Koto, a fairly new sushi restaurant in Syracuse. We watched our wedding video and went for manicures! It was so great to spend time with them but I hate goodbyes.

Around the house….

Enjoying the only day it snowed

Friday, my parents threw a Christmas party for family and friends. 
During the day I helped prepare the appetizers and main dish. 
Caprese appetizer,  recipe here
Brie with nut/jam mixture (mother’s recipe, still need to try)
Fig and Goat Cheese Bruschetta, recipe here
Crap dip 
Shrimp and herbed cream pasta, recipe here
Assortment of cookies
Chocolate cake
Cheese cake

Party people
Pictures from the party, Armory square and Scotch N Sirloin 

So blessed for the family and friends I have. Was so great to spend time and visit!
Love you all