My Sunday

For me, Sunday usually consists of TV, the couch, sweats, TV, Lucy, football, TV, the couch… 
one word….relaxation.
I did most of that during my morning after hosting our first Ugly Sweater Christmas Party the night before {blog post coming soon} but later on I surprisingly got OCD productive. 
OCD productive = cleaning that turns into the entire apartment spotless. 
 After cleaning the whole apartment and lighting the entire apartment with candles I gave Lucy a bath. Then spent an hour relaxing in a bubble filled tub playing opera music with not a care in the world. 
Probably the best music to listen too while soaking in the tub. 
I used my Yes To Carrots Hair & Scalp Mud Mask to give my hair some care treatment 🙂
My evening turned into baking a cake and cooking pasta and turkey meatballs. 
Recipe: here!

My personal appetizer… brie cheese and eggnog

Enjoying my festive dining room

Prepping my meatballs