Different ways to “Fancy” an Ugly sweater!

Tis’ the season for Christmas decorations, Holiday lattes, Presents, Egg nog and…  
 Ugly Sweaters!

My friend from buyuglysweaters.com asked me to write a post on my outlook on fashion and the famous holiday sweater.
Lucky for me, I get to put this sweater to good use and rock mine at our first Christmas Ugly Sweater party in December!

Most of the time you can find your sweater in vintage shops, thrift stores and even JC Penney! But if you are really trying to plan ahead for a good one, check out www.buyuglysweaters.com. 
I chose a larger size because it was the only one that had a collar. I love collars and everything about them right now. See below as I add some sparkle to the look to jazz it up.
Original sweater
There are so many options to add to this look other than just wearing jeans and calling it a day. I am going to go through my closet to show you ways to make an ugly sweater look cute for your holiday party! 

Making your collar sparkle
Buy glitter trim and fabric glue
Line trim at edge of collar
start to glue down the trim using fabric glue
wind around the trim when you get to end
when complete, fill in the blank spaces with pieces of trim
back of collar, same routine
Let dry overnight before putting it on
Collar complete

Crop your sweater
Aline sweater to crop with a similar already cropped sweater
Cut along the line of the sweater
Different ways to wear your sweater using today’s trends

High waisted hot pants

Add some colored denim

Textured skirt

High waisted skirt with tights

Layer with more sweaters


over a maxi dress

Accessorize your sweater
If unlike me, you did not have a bedazzled collar; add a large, necklace full of bling, or bow tie.

 Chunky necklace

Red lipstick

Another way
Buy a sweater XL and wear with tights/belt as a dress as seen below
Which look is your favorite?
Ho, Ho, Ho, xo!