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Giving Thanks with Family – What Lola Likes

Giving Thanks with Family

This weekend my husband and I took a trip down to Southern California to be with his family on Thanksgiving. 
The trip luckily went by slow and we were able to fully enjoy the relaxing and eventful vacation. 
There really is nothing better than spending time with family. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and grateful that we are able to celebrate the holidays in Brawley and Syracuse this year with our families!
JJ and I got in on Wednesday evening to San Diego and drove an hour and a half to Brawley with his sisters. The next day I woke up to make chicken wing dip as a football appetizer. A big hit with the family 🙂 
Recipe here!
Then the rest of the day was followed by family conversation, turkey, pictures, babies, and feeling full! Friday was more of a relaxing day, the girls had a few drinks and watched the men play golf while driving around in golf carts (more fun than I assumed it would be) and ended the night with wine, Mexican food and toilet papering a couple of friends houses for our own innocent entertainment. 🙂 No hate to any of them, all love <3
Saturday most of the family ventured to the mountains for Nana’s family reunion at an exclusive duck club. I met a lot of people and shot my first gun, or three. That evening we went to Burlap in San Diego to celebrate JJ’s sisters birthday for dinner. Sunday we had a few drinks around Pacific Beach while watching football and enjoyed the beautiful weather! We were sad to leave.
Enjoy the pictures from our trip!

Bella Family!