Hair Envy

Happy Hump Day!
One more business day until Friday….
And most importantly, Happy Trendsday… to me.
First, I am going to start off by saying …I have serious hair envy of those who can wear so many different hair styles. Although I have had blond, black, dirty blond, and now an attempt for auburn hair… I have stayed pretty plain with my cuts. I envy those that have the courage to cut
A few years ago I felt the courage and cut my long locks to do the “Victoria Beckham” inverted bob as many of you did that year. My hairdresser clearly didn’t understand the concept and cut my hair to just a regular short bob. The cut made me feel five years younger and certainly not sexy and I never felt pretty with my hair short unless I was wearing makeup and dressed up in black.
So I guess you can say I’ve been scarred from that experience, especially going really short. My best friend Katie on the other hand… will decide one day she wants a change, and then the next minute I have an incoming message saying, “Look, I now have bangs.” Regret or no regret, she is not afraid. 
Here are a few hairstyles that make me have hair envy. And no, the Kardashian’s are not one of them. Because if I added 20 extensions to my hair… I could probably get that look too. 
Chin length with bangs, so chic.. my favorite

long straight across bangs

Edgy…. shaved on the side.

Bleach blond and able to rock it
The pixie cut, too adorable for words

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