Trendsday… I am one step ahead of you!

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  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. What can you love more than pumpkin spice latte’s, leggings!, sweaters, Thanksgiving and Christmas! The fashion is insane this time of year. All I have been seeing and wanting is Fur! I got this fabulous fur vest from Nordstrom’s that I am obsessed with and ever since I have been hooked and with the help of Rachel Zoe of course. I grew up with a mother who always wore fur… fur hats, long fur coats… so I am very used to the trend. 
My last few “trendsay” blogs have been mainly about the Fall season. I am going to switch it up a bit and let you in on some up coming trends for Spring 2012! I know.. getting a little ahead of myself here. But whether you like them or not… they are coming! This week… hair and makeup trends! Would LOVE to get your input also xo!
 Hair Trends
Spring 2012
By: Bazaar
Glistening Hair, aka the wet look which The Olsen’s have clearly already started! 
Match this look with bold eyes or lip makeup.

The Ponytail… although this look has not gone anywhere. I am currently sporting one as we speak.

Bigger Blowouts... volume, volume, volume!

Braids and Twists….a sophisticated way to wear these styles… throw them up without much thought!

Embellished Up Dos…. Give it a little something something!

The Urban Wave…. “The street-ready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and raking through with the hands to create the right amount of undone-ness”.

Makeup Trends
Spring 2012
Bazaar Magazine
An Array of Reds……Of course… love!

Baby Skin…. “A good moisturizer and hydrating foundation with light-reflecting particles go a long to impart that enviable youthful radiance”

Doll Lashes…..

Extreme Smokey Eye…..

Glittery Eyes…

Modern Day Cat Eye….
 A pop of color….

 Strong Brows….

Rosebud Lips……

Sporty Cheeks….dewy, sun-splashed cheeks

White Silver Metallic Eyes….