Garcia’s Beef Quesadilla

This week I actually went to the store on Monday and planned out our meals for the week.
Lola:1, work week laziness:0
Not only did they not have Tuesday’s meal, but the grocery store did not have Basil or Arugula for Wednesday’s…
Lola: 0, grocery store: 0… grocery store gets a 0 because less money was spent.
I  planned to make Short Ribs yesterday but since Safeway’s lack of Short Ribs…  I opted for beef quesadilla’s which surely would be accepted in the Garcia residence! This recipe is my own, I winged it 😉
lime juice
shredded cheese
red bell peppers
canned diced tomatoes with zesty jalapenos 
flour tortilla
Add the onions, lime juice, beef and bell peppers in a small bowl. Mix together using your hands or mixing spoon. 
Cook mixture and tomatoes together in skillet
Place pan on skillet, be careful that it does not stick.
Add cheese, beef mixture and some avocado squares and wait a few seconds until cheese starts to melt
Flip half of the tortilla over and keep flipping from one side to the other until cheese is all the way melted
Serve with your favorite salsa and sour cream!
Pretty simple and easy to make! Hope you enjoy! xo
Lucy and JJ watching some TV… my family <3

Cooking the beef

Making my avocado squares

Easy to scoop with a spoon

Beef complete

Starting to prepare the quesadilla


Made a form of nachos with the extra beef