An Easy Sunday

Today I met up with a friend I’ve known since High School, it was nice to catch up and especially… get out of the house as I spent the entire day Saturday watching movies and lounging.
After four hours of lunch at The Grove, good conversation, a little window shopping, and iced coffee… I headed on home to lounge some more with JJ and Lucy.
Saturday morning we grabbed a few groceries for the weekend, bratwurst for Saturday (recipe I used), ingredients for chicken wing dip for J to bring to his company poker game (recipe) and ground turkey meat. 
Sometimes, especially on Sundays… its nice to have a quick easy meal to make! This is one of many.
Turkey meat sauce Pasta
Ground Turkey Meat
A can of chopped tomatoes
A few sun dried tomatoes
Red Bell Peppers
Dry Parsley
Pasta Sauce
Dry Basil
Salt and pepper
Chop up the onion, garlic, and bell peppers. I guesstimated the amount needed for JJ and I. 
Saute in pan, add butter or olive oil to help cook.
Add the can of tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes until most liquid is gone
Mix in the turkey meat, let cook until done.
Add the dry parsley, basil, salt and pepper 
Add the pasta sauce 
I used Rigatoni pasta while making this dish. Enjoy!
Adding the turkey meat

Then the pasta sauce

mixed all together

Dessert. Chocolate chip cookies!