Love, You Make Me Smile.

Like my last “you make me smile” post, that you can find Here I wrote about the few things in life that make me happy. Enjoy!

1. My Lucy. As much as a dog is a huge responsibility, it is also the best gift. I grew up with airdale terriers that I loved dearly. But having your own dog is truly a different feeling, they are like a child, a life in your hands. I feel so blessed to have Lucy and I know she feels blessed to have JJ and I.

2.  Today is my Mother, Sandy’s birthday. She is in NYC celebrating with my sister and I am so sad I could not be there. I love you Mom, Happy Birthday!
3.  I love these posts! A new hobby of mine is Cooking. I really enjoy finding new recipes to cook for my husband and posting for everyone to view. I am one of those people who does not want any help working on my “masterpiece” and if something goes wrong… it may ruin my afternoon. Kind of how my husband is when his sports team takes a lose. 😉 My friend Ann saw a recipe on my blog (here) and cooked it herself. I love when people do this and encourage you all too! Trust me when I say, I will never lie and say something is good when its “okay” or not delish. 
4. My new fur vest… I love fur, am obsessed actually. If someone wants to buy me a present, make it fur. 😉 
5. Pinterest. A new website that I am literally obsessed with. If you havent joined yet, do yourself a favor. It gives everyone great ideas on style, home decor, recipes, etc. Basically anything on the internet a person may “pin”… you get great ideas on the most random things. I love this and creative people! Join Pinterest here and follow my pins!