Blogger meet Lucy

This weekend one of my friends, @Nikkiradesi came to visit me in San Francisco. We went sightseeing, Umami for dinner (delish sushi), out for drinks, and shopped… (Marina and Haight St). It was a great weekend, yet far too short!

JJ (@Brotherbella) and I got a new member of the family this weekend! We adopted a terrier mix from a shelter in San Jose. With an indecisive week of determining the name, we both agreed on the name Lucy. JJ went to pick her up from San Jose after playing golf on Saturday morning. Nikki and I were picked up from a day of shopping to this scared little lady who instantly buried her head under my arm when I first held her. We arent sure what she’s been through but from what we can see… abandonment issues and possible male trauma. She is getting better everyday and lucky for us is already potty trained! She is a snuggler… and could spend the day just laying with you on the couch. Training is a must, but she is so sweet already… we barely hear a peep out of her! We are blessed and so happy to have another member of the family. xo

Pumpkin plant to start off October