Rita Hayworth Gave Good Face.

Some people may not understand the magnitude of how important it is to keep a person’s face clean and cared for. For some women, it is a  preference to buy clothes and shoes with the extra money they make… I spend my money on products to care for my hair and face. I by no means am an expert but would love to share certain things I have heard throughout the years that have helped my skin and could potentially help others. I received a Clarisonic face cleaner from JJ for my birthday, what I use daily and absolutely love! It is made to be used once a day, at night, used to clean a persons face thoroughly! Genetically I obtain white heads easily and have found this really helps. *Recommended.
To start… I luckily learned at an early age that cleaning your face with a wash cloth is not good for your skin. It pulls on your skin which can create premature wrinkles. Wash your face using a cleanser with your hands! *I use Cetaphil.
Once a week I use a face scrub (light, a heavy scrub could cause inflammation),  also a good face mask is needed at least once a week. I use once or twice a week. (Alba face scrub and mask). I also use a face peel once a week as well (can obtain at sephora, or elsewhere)
After you wash your face daily, use a toner! Toner helps shrink pores, gives you skin pH balance, adds a layer or protection, prevents in grown hairs, moisturizes and refreshes skin.
Add a serum, then use a good moisturizer! Another really important tip is to use eye cream as well.. and start using this early! Under eye wrinkles are very normal for young women and typically happen first. Prevent them from getting worse! 

So now that we are through with the process of a good way to clean your face… on to makeup!

I used to think that Mac was the way to go. I used everything Mac and loved it. Before my wedding I went to a facialist who told me in cosmetology school they learned about how bad Mac make is for your face, especially Studio Fix powder. She encouraged me to change to a natural product that was better for my skin. Probably the following day I went to Sephora and bought the starter kit for Bare Minerals. Officially obsessed. I have never used a makeup that made my face look so clean, smooth and blemish free. I also changed my blush because I noticed a lot of white heads on my cheeks to a Tarte brand (Sold at Sephora). Another tip that people may not realize is clean your brushes… I do it weekly! The books I showed above: Kevyn Aucoin, was a famous makeup artist and these two books are ones I grew up looking at! In his book you will find make up tips and face transformations. He was a true genius!

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