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True Life: I have an Etsy Addiction – What Lola Likes

True Life: I have an Etsy Addiction

While planning my wedding I stumbled upon Etsy… a website where people sell handmade crafts, supplies, and vintage everything and anything.

First of all, you had me at Vintage.

Second, you made my life A LOT easier planning this wedding! I had a hanger for my dress personally made, my Bachelorette sash personally made, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, etc. Just the perfect website to use especially if you are wanting to save some money 🙂

I fell in love and now have an Etsy addiction. I have found so many amazing pieces that have added to my apartment and room decor. Take a look at some of the items I have found! Stay tuned because there will be plenty more to come….

Sign bought for wedding

Handmade hairbow, bought for $1

depression cake stand
leather turban

cotton turban

pair of candlesticks

sugar, coffee, tea canisters

vintage decanters

old cigar box, note the name 🙂

birthday gift from nikki dee 🙂

personalized hanger for wedding

lipstick holder

magazine holder

mirror, birthday gift from kath

recipe box

vintage phone for vanity, birthday gift from Lexie

Personalized Bachelorette sash
Shirt for fourth of july

Vintage dress for my Bachelorette