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Only The Beginning – What Lola Likes

Only The Beginning

Hello potential blog readers,
Last year I started a blog to discuss my wedding plans and the process of giving up bad habits. Well, the wedding is over (finally happily married!) and frankly I grew tired of giving up the things that made me happy on a daily/monthly basis (coffee, candy, wine…) So now I have decided to write about the things in life that make me happy. Most people who know me well know I have an obsession with anything Vintage. My husband often tells me he is afraid I will eventually turn our apartment into a grandmothers house. I always laugh because that very well could happen. 😉 So while reading this blog, you will see some of my newest antique finds, my attempt to decorate our new apartment in San Francisco, recipes I love to cook, styles and looks I love, my photography, and whatever else I feel like sharing. Thanks for stopping by! xo Lola